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Bill Goldberg’s New Texas Garage and Car Collection Are Unbelievable

Cameron Eittreim September 21, 2023

Bill Goldberg is one of the most popular professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. But the big guy is also quite the car enthusiast and has been building a collection for over three decades. Recently, Goldberg was one of many transplants to the great state of Texas, and with that came the construction of his new garage. In addition to hosting the web show “Goldberg’s Garage,” he’s undertaken quite a few new projects. One main thing about Goldberg is that he’s a Mopar fan and most of his collection is centered around their models. Whether it’s his unique Ram TRX or his classic Dodge Challenger, he has a little bit of everything. His unique collection is one of the most notable in the country. So we looked at all of his most recent findings as well as some of the cars that he’s had for a long while. Goldberg has a car collection that most of us could only dream of having, so check it out here.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1967 Mercury F100

The 1967 Mercury F100 in Goldberg’s collection is quite a rare truck, and not just because of its Mercury badge. It was a truck that belonged to his wife’s family, It sat in a field in Canada for years before he got his hands on it. Goldberg did a complete overhaul on the truck and brought everything back up to factory standard. Mercury sold pickup trucks in other parts of the world, which is what makes this truck so unique (via Essentially Sports).

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage
The F100 shares its platform with the Ford F150. Almost the entire truck is the same. But the fact that it’s a Mercury gives it a special meaning here in the States compared to other trucks from the same period. Goldberg held onto the truck for decades now. It remains one of the most important aspects of his collection.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1970 Boss 429 (Lawman)

Goldberg isn’t a Ford guy, but there are a few cars that he has made exceptions for. His 1970 Boss 429, also known as the “Lawman,” is one of these unique vehicles. “The Lawman” was a special edition car. And this particular model has been used for USO shows for decades, which is part of the reason that Goldberg wants to facilitate the purchase of it (via Hagerty).

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage
The Boss 429 Lawman is a prime example of how a car can affect people’s lives in a dramatic way. Goldberg has used this car to spread goodwill to all of the men and women of the military for over a decade now. The car is in pristine condition and just goes to show why having an iconic piece of automotive history can redefine any legacy or car collection.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne

This is a car that Goldberg has said he and his wife fight over – the 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne. The car was purchased at a Good Guys car show in California, which is where Goldberg resided for almost three decades. The car is stock from the paint to the exterior features, has a powerful engine, and a whole lot of chrome. The Biscayne was a common family car in the 1950s and it fits with what Goldberg enjoys driving (via Motor Trend).

Photo Credit: NBC Sports
There was a time when the Biscayne and the Bel-Air were two of the most common cars on the road. The unique styling and the excellent performance made the car a success. As mentioned, Goldberg primarily has Mopar vehicles in this collection but the Biscayne is a rather unique offering. The great design of the car made it synonymous with 1950s Chevrolet design.

Photo Credit: Hagerty

1969 Ram Air III Trans Am

The Ram Air III was a special edition of the Trans Am that took the model’s performance to the next level. The funny thing about this particular car is that Goldberg purchased it off of eBay. There are a few notable things about the car that separate it from the pack, most notably its flat black paint scheme. The beautiful styling and iconic performance of the Ram Air Trans Am III is what separated it from other pony cars on the market (via Classic).

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage
The Ram Air III was a true testament to the long-standing relationship that Ram Air had with GM. The model was able to compete with the best that Ford and other companies had to offer. The Trans Am became one of the most iconic models in the world and it redefined Pontiac. While Goldberg isn’t a GM guy, the few GM models he owns are quite unique.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1973 Super Duty Trans Am

Another rare Pontiac that Goldberg owns is the 1973 Super Duty Trans Am. He purchased the vehicle at the filming of the Longest Yard movie and has owned it ever since. The Super Duty Trans Am was the last year of the high horsepower models. After this one, the rest of the Trans Am models had significantly less horsepower in the 1970s and ’80s (via Classic Cars).

Photo Credit: Mecum
Some nice features of the Trans Am Super Duty are the honeycomb wheels and its high horsepower engine. But the other unique feature is the bright red paint job, which is unlike any other Trans Am paint scheme. The car is truly unique and one of the most one-of-a-kind cars in Goldberg’s collection. There’s definitely much to be said for this car.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1968 Plymouth 440 GTX

The Plymouth 440 GTX was one of the most unique muscle cars of all time. The Mopar-powered beast took one of the best V8 engines of all time and crammed it into an iconic style. The 440 GTX had the type of performance that muscle car enthusiasts were looking for at the time. The interesting thing about the car was the fact that it was quite unique and powerful (via Hemmings).

Photo Credit: Mecum
The Plymouth GTX isn’t the most common Mopar muscle car on the road but is a secret weapon on the track. Plymouth had a lot of great muscle cars back then and Goldberg had good taste by getting this one. He’s done a lot of work on the car and is currently in the process of having it painted. This is also an original number-matching ride.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1969 Dodge Charger R/T Four Speed

Now we get into the meat and potatoes of Goldberg’s recent pickups. The 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Four Speed was the variation of the Charger that made it a real contender in the muscle car segment. The sheer performance of the Hemi V8 engine was unparalleled by the competition. The beautiful styling of the car and the numbers matching the paint job only add to the rarity and value of this car (via Auto Catalog).

Photo Credit: Classic Car Showcase
There was nothing lackluster about the Charger. The car had all of the makings of a legendary muscle car which is why enthusiasts still want to get one today. The value of these cars has only increased in value and Goldberg purchased this one from a Mecum auction. Everything about the car was original but there are a few things that the WWE superstar has added to it.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1970 Dodge Coronet R/T

Another rather unique car in Goldberg’s collection is the 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T. While the Charger and the Challenger are the models that garner most of the recognition, it’s the Coronet R/T that was a true game-changer. Everything about the car was powerful and Goldberg has an all-original version of the car. Needless to say, he had the guys down at Graveyard Garage do the restoration for him (via Supercars.net).

Photo Credit: Adrenalin Motors
The Coronet was also a very popular car with police departments around the country. The high-performance engine and one-of-a-kind driving dynamics made it stand out from the crowd. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill Mopar model, and it shows that Goldberg actually does his research. Every car in his collection has a unique purpose and he drives every one of these cars. His model is a six-pack edition with an automatic transmission, which is extremely rare in the Mopar landscape.

Photo Credit: Goldbergs Garage

1992 Porsche Turbo 911

This car in particular was a car that Goldberg never mentioned in public because it was the first luxury car that he purchased while playing in the NFL. Everything about the Porsche is stock other than the painted rims, which he did recently. The 911 was a special car and most wrestlers from the ’90s had one of these in one form or another (via Slam Wrestling).

Photo Credit: Automobile Mag
Everything about the Porsche 911 makes it a pure driver’s car. Its simple design is something that held the design down for over three decades. There wasn’t another car that looked anything like the 911. Pure performance is hard to come by, especially when you combine it with great handling. But the 911 Turbo has a knack for hitting the twists or turns with style and grace.

Photo Credit: Auto Revolution

2021 Ram TRX First Edition

When the Ford Raptor hit the scene, it changed performance trucks forever. Not to be left out, Dodge built their own version of a performance truck. The Ram TRX is a fire-breathing dragon with a 6.2L V8 engine. Goldberg was lucky enough to get one of the first-edition models and he was so pleased with the truck that he now has a black 2022 model as well (via Auto Evolution).

Photo Credit: Auto Revolution
Obviously, there were a few special touches that Goldberg added to this beast. The engine has a number of enhancements including a full engine tuning. Likewise, he upgraded the wheel and the lift kit to make the truck even more aggressive. Needless to say, the TRX is a beast of a truck that can take on anything that Ford or Chevy are offering.

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