30 Rarest and Most Valuable Toy Cars in the World

By vukasin

For exactly 50 years, Hot Wheels have been the most popular toy cars in the world. Since 1968, Mattel’s Hot Wheels have started a revolution with their fantastic shapes, lively colors, interesting details and features, which made them instant favorites and modern classics. For decades, the main policy of the company was to keep the price for its basic models at around a dollar, and most models cost that much. But, if you own one of the rare and expensive pieces, you can make a small fortune on your old toys. So, keep reading to learn about the rarest, most valuable Hot Wheels toy cars in the world.

  1. 1968 Custom Camaro in White

Hot Wheels started in 1968 with a selection of 16 models. And one of those cars was the new Camaro in different spectra flame colors. However, the white 1968 Camaro was a prototype casting and by mistake, they released several to the public. Some people believe it was the first Hot Wheels they ever made. So, if you own a white 1968 Camaro, you could get up to $2,500 for it. In fact, only a few are known to exist.