Chevrolet Camaro B4C

  1. Chevrolet Camaro B4C

Even though the California Highway Patrol used the Camaro long before the appearance of the Mustang SSP model, Chevrolet didn’t release a full “cop spec” model until 1991. They called it the B4C in factory code. And, it was a special Camaro they designed for law enforcement work and high-speed pursuits.

The B4C was basically a Z/28 Camaro with a 350 V8 engine and five-speed manual transmission. However, they removed a lot of exterior details so the car looked as stock as possible. They beefed up the suspension and brakes and added several heavy-duty parts to the package. Chevrolet offered the Camaro B4C until 1996, making less than 3,000 of them.

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