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20 Top Coveted Muscle Car Specials in Automotive History

Vukasin Herbez December 11, 2018

  1. Dodge Charger Super Bee Hemi

The Charger Super Bee was another one-year-only model that was an entry-level muscle car. Dodge sold it at lower prices but packed it with good equipment, wild graphics and a 440 engine as standard. The Super Bee was a relatively popular proposition for people looking for a classic performance machine.

However, the best features of the Super Bee were the vivid colors and tire-shredding performance. The base 440 engine delivered 370 HP, but in the Six Pack option, it was capable of 385 HP. The Hemi was the only engine option yet it was quite rare since they only used it in 22 cars.

  1. Pontiac Catalina 2+2

In the mid-60s, the Pontiac GTO was the car to have since it was at the forefront of the exciting new muscle car movement. With its performance, powerful engine and great Pontiac styling, the GTO was the perfect car for the moment. But it wasn’t the only stellar performance machine coming from Pontiac. In 1965, there was another pure muscle car icon: the Catalina 2+2.

Since the Catalina was a full-size model, it was eligible for engines over 400 CID, according to the GM rules of the time. This meant that the Catalina 2+2 came with the famous 421 V8. And if you wanted, you could get the Tri-Power intake system, which was the same as in the GTO. It boosted the car’s power to 376 HP. Of course, buyers could order the limited-slip differentials, heavy-duty steering and brakes and a whole lot more.

All that made the Catalina 2+2 well-appointed, but unfortunately, it was expensive, too. The top of the line 2+2 cost over $4,000, which was a hefty sum and much more than the similarly equipped GTO. However, Pontiac produced approximately 11,000 of these fine machines in 1965, but only around 200 convertibles.

These are the 20 most desirable muscle car specials to order right now if you want to be sure you can get them. But you’d better hurry up because most of these highly-desirable beauties won’t be around much longer.

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