20 Expensive Cars That are Pretty Much Worthless in 2018

By vukasin

The scariest word in the automotive industry is depreciation. Its ruthless nature means that once expensive and prestigious rides can become almost worthless in just a few years. The cruel rules of the car market are especially harsh on luxury cars. For example, if you pay $100,000 for a new Mercedes S-Class, in just two years you will get $50,000 on the used car market.

Here is a list of 25 cars that were once quite expensive. But today, they are either practically worthless or worth the price of the least expensive economy car. It is amazing to see how some models have depreciated over the years. So, read on to find a bargain on your next car.

  1. Maserati BiTurbo

You probably never thought of it, but you can easily become the proud owner of an almost classic Maserati for as little as $8,000. For that money, you can buy a decent Maserati BiTurbo which they built between 1981 and 1994. The BiTurbo lineup of cars started with the 222 model which was a handsome two-door coupe.

And it continued with the 420 and 430 sedans the built on the same base. There was even a beautiful convertible by the Zagato design house, but it is more expensive and quite rare. The original price was close to $50,000 in the mid-80s. However, the depreciation is mostly because of the poor quality of the BiTurbo model.