20 Muscle Car Codes and Terms You Should Know

By vukasin

If you ever heard the dialogue between two full-fledged muscle car fans, you may have noticed they were talking in a secret language full of strange codes and numbers. It probably sounded like a military-type conversation where every letter and number meant something. And, in fact, it does. In the colorful world of muscle cars, engine codes, trim designations, model names and factory markings mean a lot.

And even in some cases, just two letters can make a world of difference to a knowledgeable muscle car expert. However, if you don’t know any of them, fear not. Here are the 20 most common and popular muscle car codes and terms. So, read this muscle car glossary to help you understand those terms better, so you can communicate with fellow car enthusiasts.

Soon, you’ll be able to spread the word about these glorious monster machines. So here are the top 20 of them in simple alphabetical order.

  1. The AAR: A Tribute to All American Racers

The 1970 AAR Plymouth ‘Cuda was a limited production model they built to commemorate Dan Gurney’s All American Racers team. That is because they used ‘Cudas to compete in the Trans Am championships. It came with a 340 V8 small block and special plastic hood in matte black paint.

It also had a hood scoop, rear spoiler and interesting side graphics that included a big AAR logo. This version was somewhat more expensive than the regular 340 ‘Cuda. And that’s why they only made 2,724 of them.