20 Most Desirable Muscle Car Specials to Order Right Now

By vukasin

In the muscle car world, it is all about the engines, equipment and versions. Sometimes, ordinary cars can become expensive, rare and fast, especially if they equip them in a certain way or buyers order them as part of a special package. During the heyday of the muscle car culture, most manufacturers introduced dozens of sub-models, limited edition versions or one-year-only specials that later became the most sought-after cars in the car collector’s world.

You may think of this article as a kind of muscle car dream garage list, and in some ways, it is. So, keep reading to learn about the best, most memorable special edition models and versions true car aficionados lust for that can fetch the highest prices on auctions. From Boss Mustangs to Pontiac Judges and from Shelbys to Hemis, this list has them all.

  1. Mercury Cougar XR7

Some people think of a Cougar as a Mustang with a longer wheelbase and luxury interior, but Mercury’s muscle car was much more than that. With its unique styling and special trim, it was an independent force in muscle car wars of the late ‘60s. The ultimate version that perfectly combined muscle car power and luxury was the mighty Cougar XR-7.

This model has a 390 V8 engine that produces 320 HP. But buyers could also opt for GT package which included a beefed-up suspension and stronger brakes and steering. Over the years, Mercury Cougar was in the shadow of the Mustang. However, in recent years, the prices started to come up for this piece of the luxury muscle segment.