20 Greatest and Most Memorable Mopar Muscle Cars

By vukasin

To car fans, the name Mopar means a lot. Although it is the official name of the Chrysler parts division, for decades, people have used this term as a distinction for cars the Chrysler Motor Corporation produced. They range from those classic Imperials to the Eagles in the ‘90s.

However, in the muscle car culture, Mopar was synonymous with two famous brands, Dodge and Plymouth, even though Chrysler also had a few well-respected luxury muscle cars in the ‘50s. So here are the 20 best Mopar muscle cars. They range from the dawn of the muscle age from the ‘50s, all the way to the height of the classic muscle era in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

These Mopar muscle models helped create the muscle culture with the famous 426 Hemi and 440 Magnum engines. They had numerous racing wins in NASCAR as well as on drag strips all over America. And, of course, their unique and memorable designs and brave styling made them famous and highly sought-after collector’s cars, as well.

  1. Chrysler New Yorker

Even though Chrysler introduced the Hemi engine in 1951, it wasn’t until 1954 when they became a hot item. That was when the Chrysler engineers managed to squeeze 235 HP from it, which was considered ludicrous power. They installed it in the elegant and restrained New Yorker model and the 331 Hemi V8 proved to be fast and durable.

But it was also a record breaker. Chrysler entered a special 24-hour endurance run with the ‘54 New Yorker, which managed to average 118.8 mph over 24 hours of nonstop driving. This highly publicized achievement proved to be the perfect marketing tool for promoting Chrysler and the performance of the Hemi engine.