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The 20 Funniest Car Repair Fails Of All Time

Vukasin Herbez February 27, 2017

Repairing your own vehicle? Don’t do any of these…

Fixing your own car can be fun at times. Saving money while learning a new skill? Sure, why not, but not everyone is as capable of doing this. Switching out the brakes or changing the oil might seem like a simple task, but you wouldn’t believe how badly people can fail at these.

Considering the access would-be mechanics have to information and how-to guides, it’s shocking how many repairs fails are out there. Join us as we check out the most hilarious and dangerous car repairs ever.

Trust Me, I Worked In A Bodyshop

Trying to avoid the costly world of buying a new car? Recently been involved in a crash? No problem, just head down to your local wood shop and pick up a new chipboard bonnet and wings.

Some 2 x 4 bumper will make a great addition, said nobody. The hilarious thing is, this bodge is far from the worst we’ll see today.


Driving at night can be dangerous, especially if you have a headlight out. Avoid costs at your garage by strapping torches with bungee chord and tape. What could possibly go wrong?

Disclaimer: don’t actually do this.

My God…

Honestly, the less said about this one, the better. Moving swiftly on…

Security Fail

Well, maybe the thieves will just assume you are too cheap to have anything worth stealing?

Pringle Induction

Available in three different flavors.

Stay Cool Bro

Generator, A/C unit, expanding foam-the trifecta of car fail.


No wonder the aliens still haven’t made contact.

Dolly Truck

No really, this was actually driving around.


Yep, that’s a new level of wood trim.


Duct tape, can be used for anything.

Foam Bumper

Forget wood, this bumper comes in a can.

Brake Light Bottle

Triple Cut & Shut

Like a normal car, but three times safer!

Good as New!

But where’s the handle?

Tree Repair

Yes, that is a large tree branch being used to replace a wheel.

Looks Solid

I mean, at least the color matches.

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