1. 1964 Mustang Sedan

When Ford developed the Mustang in the early ’60s, not only did they make a new model, but they also created a new class in the form of pony cars. Since there were no pony cars before the Mustang, the Ford development team went in several directions. And one of them was the Mustang in a four-door body style. The car looked attractive and retained all the classic Mustang lines and proportions.

However, Ford soon realized that the Mustang sedan would cannibalize the sales of the Falcon. That was because they based the Mustang on the same platform with the same engines as the Falcon. But the main reason most car enthusiasts are glad they decided not to build this Mustang was that a four-door model would’ve ruined its sporty appeal. And that could’ve affected the success of this original model.

A Mustang in a two-door coupe or convertible form was an exciting and youthful performance car. But a Mustang in a four-door version would be just another compact family sedan with no iconic appeal. And that was not what Ford intended their pony car to be.