20 Ford Mustang Prototypes That Almost Made It Into Production

By vukasin

The Ford Mustang is one of the most famous global automotive icons. In fact, it is the only car that successfully transcendent its pony/muscle car origins to become a full-fledged sports car. During its 55 years long history, the Mustang has gone a long way from its humble Falcon-based chassis to today’s Porsche-killing handling and performance levels.

And as you probably already know, there are numerous models, generations and versions of this legendary model. However, the following list in not about those well-known Mustang variants. It is about something different. These are the models the Ford company seriously considered for production, yet they never made it onto the assembly line.

These are the iconic cars they left in the gray area between fiction and reality. Although these Mustangs managed to go from the drawing board to the prototype phase, they never reached the dealership floors. So, here are the 20 Mustangs that almost made it and could change automotive history forever.

  1. 1962 Mustang I

The Mustang I concept was a big deal when Ford introduced it in late 1962 as a fully functional concept vehicle. This was the first time they used the name, “Mustang.” And right from the start, it was clear the public loved it. The name, “Mustang,” created a connection with Wild West mythology.

And that turned out to be a great marketing gimmick for Ford. The Mustang I was a little two-seater roadster with a rear-mounted V4 engine from Ford Europe. It had a modern wedge-shaped body consisting of lightweight aluminum.

The original idea behind the concept was to develop a small sports car. Ford wanted to compete with those European imports like the Triumph TR3 or MG A. But, despite the favorable reaction from car enthusiasts, Ford decided to go another way.