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20 Drawbacks Of Electric Vehicles Drivers Overlook

Vukasin Herbez December 17, 2019

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3. Buyers Still Consider Them A Gimmick

Although Tesla has sold over 300,000 cars all over the world, with other manufacturers posting considerable production numbers, most car buyers still consider EVs to be some sort of a sales trick. Their specific operation procedures, limited usability, and different driving dynamics make them cars for tech geeks, but not as regular transport devices.

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Car consumers are still waiting for mass-produced electric vehicles that will fully replace gasoline-powered models. But to do that, they’ll need to introduce some improvements that will draw buyers to EVs.

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2. An EV Can’t Be the Only Car in Your Household

Clearly, there are many limits to electric vehicles in general. Even if you own one or are looking to acquire an EV, you should know that it can’t fulfill all your transportation needs. That’s especially true if you have a family and need a dependable vehicle for your family.

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You could use your electric vehicle in the city for your everyday commute. However, if you want to go on a road trip with your family, you will need an internal-combustion vehicle due to range concerns and personal peace of mind.

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1. A Hard Sell

Most drivers lease their electric cars and then return them to the dealer after a few years to get a new model. However, those people who have bought electric vehicles could experience great difficulty selling them on the used car market or trading them in at the dealership. That is because electric cars depreciate much faster than gas-powered vehicles since the technology is so new and still evolving.

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People looking for deals on the used-car market are still extremely cautious when it comes to electric cars. They don’t know how the used electric vehicles act or how to maintain them properly. Many also don’t know what the common problems are, for example. Hopefully, EVs will continue to evolve and improve, making them easier to drive long distances, less expensive to repair, and more dependable.

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