Under The Radar: 15 of the Most Unassuming Performance Cars Ever Made

By vukasin

Many auto fans have a soft spot for those sleepers and unassuming performance cars. Simply put, the combination of understatement, power, and quiet, tire-melting performance is irresistible to many car enthusiasts. There is something satisfying when you know you’re the fastest at the stoplight while nobody considers you a threat.

But then, the light turns green and you leave them in a big cloud of smoke. So read on to find out about the most unassuming cars they ever made. They may even give you some ideas for your next street racing vehicle.

Mercedes R63 AMG
  1. Mercedes R63 AMG

If you are not familiar with the R-Class, it’s a minivan Mercedes based on the S-Class sedan. They equipped it with all the conceivable luxuries and powerful engines, making it perfect for crossing continents in the comfort of a leather sofa traveling at 100 mph. However, AMG, the Mercedes performance division, had something to say about that.

They introduced the R63 with a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 producing 503 HP. With the stiffer suspension, tons of power, and great performance, the R63 was no ordinary minivan. It was actually a sports car with room for seven people.

Mercedes R63 AMG

The car was expensive when it was new so it didn’t have much of a market. Also, the combination of minivan comfort and sports car performance was strange to customers. However, the R63 AMG was a glorious sleeper with a 4.8 second 0 to 60 mph time and unassuming appearance. Nobody expected that a 5,000-pound crossover could beat a new BMW M3 in a stoplight drag race.