1. International Harvester Scout

International Harvester is a well-known American company dedicated to producing trucks and agricultural machinery. However, from the ’50s to the early ’80s, International was producing two SUV models, the Travelall and the Scout. The Travelall was a big seven seat SUV with massive engines and tough mechanics for professional users and extreme challenges. But, the Scout was more compact and popular.

And it was a usable off-road SUV with choices of engines ranging from 2.5-liter straight four to 4.4-liter V8. Also, it came with a removable hardtop, which meant that every Scout was also a convertible with a fold-down windshield. The first models were basic and mostly used by nature lovers, hunters and forest patrols. However, the second generation introduced a more luxurious Scout with more options, better engines and exterior trim.

This model proved to be popular in some European countries as well, but with a diesel engine under the hood. Although the Scout was discontinued in 1980 after 19 years of production, it is still popular and a desirable model. Unfortunately, rust claimed most Scouts, but the surviving ones are commanding high prices.

The International Harvester company still exists today, and it has the capacity to produce a new-age Scout. Unfortunately, there aren’t any rumors of this happening anytime soon. Still, there is an army of classic SUV fans craving a small, compact and good looking SUV with unmistakable design and off-road capabilities.

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