Top 10 Most Ridiculous Mechanic Garage Bodge Jobs

By Vukasin Herbez
Top 10 Most Ridiculous Mechanic Garage Bodge Jobs

Yesterday we looked at the most hilarious mechanic stories from the tech point of view. Today we’ll turn the tables, as we’ve scoured the internet for the worst mechanic bodge jobs around.

Perhaps it’s more acceptable when a customer knows nothing about cars. When you’re talking about a mechanic, it becomes a little more shocking. Obviously most techs know what they are talking about, but there’s a select few who make this article.

Check out the most terrible stories of mechanic bodge jobs we could find:

Cable Ties!

First story of the day, and it’s an absolute shocker. From Car Throttle, this poor guy got ripped off big time:

I head to a branch of a garage chain in Anderson, Indiana to get my right front brake fixed. They needed to do a full brake job. $900 was the original amount. I got it down to $800.

Through the whole process I was scolded multiple times about how s****y I am for driving it for so long and how bad it was. Three months later my right-front brakes go out again. So I take it to a local branch of the same chain.

They took a look at it for free (warranty was still good) and when the guy came back in he looked annoyed. Turns out the guy who did my brake job put the hose somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be and put the whole thing together with – wait for it – ZIPTIES! My brakes were put together with ZIPTIES! Needless to say I got my labour money refunded and he got fired.

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