Strangest Production Cars From the Decade When Everything Was Possible – The `80s

By vukasin

The `80s were funny times. A decade of neon signs, crazy hairstyles, vivid colors, and confused automakers. Totally different from the `70s and full of innovative shapes and designs. It was a unique time not just in the car industry but in whole popular culture as well.

The `80s were full of brave attempts to introduce something that will create a revolution, not just in technology but also in design. The computer age has begun and cars became a mix of pop up headlights, wedge designs, fuel injection systems, turbochargers, and digital dashes. However, not all of them turned out to be a success. Most remained on the margins of collective consciousness. Today, we will tell you about strangest and most obscure `80s cars.

1. Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbac

One of the most unique `80s cars was Nissan`s Pulsar in NX Sportbac package. The idea behind this car is to combine regular two-door coupe with wagon body style but not in Shooting Brake kind of way. Nissan decided to make normal coupe but add body extensions which transformed Pulsar into the wagon.

Introduced in 1986, Pulsar Sportback did receive some attention from car enthusiasts but eventually, people turned to more conventional coupe styling and wagon canopy addition was less desirable. The model was discontinued in 1990 and still remains one of the strangest production cars ever made.