Rarity Equals Desirability: 20 of the Most Obscure Muscle Cars Ever

By vukasin

Most permanent muscle car addicts can’t stop thinking, writing and lusting after the various muscle cars. And luckily, there are numerous popular models as well as the super-rare cars they produced in single digits. However, there are many more classic machines from the ‘60s and early ‘70s that deserve some attention. And, not just for their share beauty, power and performance, but also for their limited production runs.

Those machines are also highly sought-after by collectors worldwide since much of their appeal comes from the fact they are so rare. In contrast to the cars they produced in less than 10 examples, these muscle cars are more common. So, if you are lucky enough, you might just find one in a barn or at your local car show.

  1. Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Two of the biggest Chrysler legends from the classic days of the muscle car culture are the Barracuda and the 426 Hemi engine. All through the ‘60s, those icons of the industry didn’t mix. In 1970, Plymouth offered this legendary engine in the Barracuda body style, immediately creating one of the fastest, most desirable muscle cars they ever made.

The mighty Hemi engine was an expensive, top of the line option for 1970 and 1971 available in coupe or convertible form. It cost around $900 over the price of the standard Barracuda. So, they installed it in just about 600 coupes and only 17 convertibles during the two-year production period. They rated the power at 425 HP, but everybody knew the orange monster delivered more than 500 HP straight from the box.