Muscle Car Underdogs – 16 Best Muscle Cars From AMC

By vukasin

American Motors Corporation was established in 1954 when Hudson and Nash merged and made a new corporation. The AMC was from the start concentrated on economy car field and for few decades, this company presented a tough competitor to Big Three with numerous small and cheap models which sold good and were very common on the American roads. Constantly trying to invent something new and stay relevant on the market and profitable, AMC presented many memorable models like AMC Gremlin, Hornet, Pacer and muscle duo – Javelin and AMX.

Despite the fact it was much smaller than the Big Three, AMC was always very innovative and when the muscle car craze was at its peak in the late `60s, the company was very active with a line of unique and respectable models. Today, we will tell you about those cars. Forgotten and rare AMC muscle cars produced from the late `50s till the late `70s.

1. Rambler Rebel V8

This one is a very interesting early AMC muscle car which was born by chance. Squeezing a 327 V8 engine from Nash Ambassador into a small, compact and light Rambler body created one seriously fast yet unassuming muscle machine.

The 327 V8 delivered 255 HP which wasn’t that much but in compact Rambler`s body, it was enough for 0 to 60 mph time of just 7 seconds. To make things even more interesting, only the expensive fuel injected Chevrolet Corvette could beat the small Rambler in 1957. However, the powerful engine option raised the price of an affordable Rambler and there were just a few buyers ready to pay extra for the privilege of outrunning anything else on the road, so only 1500 were made.