Most Expensive American Cars Ever To Cross the Auction Block

By vukasin

Even though the most expensive cars in the world are mid-`60s Ferraris and other Italian exotics, American manufacturers rate pretty high on the high roller`s list. In fact, some of the classic American cars and significantly important vehicles can reach well over $10 million which insane amount of money. Since the American car represents a wealth of makes models and designs, there are plenty of cars with high price tags but we have chosen the 15 most expensive according to recent prices on auctions all over the world.

1. Shelby Super Snake – $1.3 million

This unique Shelby GT500 was produced as a rolling laboratory to showcase the possibilities of the Mustang platform as well as for testing Goodyear’s “Thunderbolt” tire line. It had Le Mans-winning GT 40 race engine, special transmission, suspension, and tires and it was produced in one example. There were plans for limited production run but the proposed price was over $8000 which was an enormous sum in the late `60s. Recently, this sole example was sold for $1.3 million.