Mid-Century Futurism – Best American Concept Cars Of the `60s

By vukasin

Even though the American manufacturers presented the wildest concept cars in the `50s, we could argue that, in fact, the best decade for these creations were the `60s. Why? Simply because the `60s concept cars were far more realistic and in most cases fully functional prototypes with working engines and real interiors. Almost all important US concept cars from that era resulted in some production model. At least in some shape or form.

So, that is why we believe that `60s were the most influential concept car decade in American car history. As you can expect, we compiled a list of 15 most important and well-known concept cars from the decade. Some of the cars on the list you might know already but some are forgotten, but never the less, still important.


1. Cadillac La Salle XP-715 Concept

When you see this car you might think that we made a mistake and feature Buick Riviera. But, in fact, this is not Riviera but Cadillac`s 1961 concept called La Salle XP-715. Originally intended to be Cadillac`s luxury coupe, this car was almost finished in development before GM bosses decided to give the project to the Buick.

The reason was the fact that the Buick division experienced bad sales and needed an interesting model to draw people back into the showroom. So, Cadillac La Salle XP-715 became Buick Riviera and the rest is history.