Interesting, Rare and Cool Jeeps You Probably Forgot

By vukasin

Everybody knows the Jeep brand and its world-famous products. From those classic, war-proven Jeep Willys to those modern Cherokees, Wranglers, and Renegades, Jeep is a popular company that concentrates on SUVs and off-road vehicles. The immense importance of the Jeep brand is not just about inventing the SUV as a concept or promoting all-wheel drive to a wide civilian audience but also helping the allies win the Second World War. All this makes Jeep an extremely important brand beyond the limits of the car industry.

For a company that has been active for almost 80 years, Jeep has produced numerous models throughout its history. Most of them are well-known, popular vehicles you see every day, but there are still more than a few rare, obscure and interesting Jeeps you forgot or never knew existed. Today, you will learn lots more about those cars. So, keep reading to find out about those lesser-known, yet still awesome Jeeps.

  1. Jeep FC

All Jeeps are capable off-road SUV models with a characteristic design and signature appearance. However, in 1956, Jeep introduced a strange model they called the Forward Control or FC. It was a cab-forward, bulldog-style truck with the engine underneath the passengers and all-wheel drive.

Even though the FC was a Jeep, which means it was a capable, tough and durable machine, the market didn’t respond well. So, in its nine years of production, Jeep made just around 30,000 of them, mostly for the export market. Jeep thought the FC would be a bestseller, but on the domestic market, most buyers preferred models with a more formal look.