Gone Without a Trace: 16 Forgotten American Cars of the ’80s

By vukasin

The `70s marked the sharp decline in performance and raise in environmental and safety concerns which affected American car manufacturers. As a result, `70s models weren’t especially cool or fast but as we approached the new decade, the car companies tried to present new and interesting designs and concepts in order to spark the interest from the buyers.

The `80s brought many influential models but today, we will not tall about those well-known machines. Instead, we will tell you about forgotten models and cars that didn’t stand the test of time that well. So, get ready for a trip down the memory lane and to revisit some of the obscure cars you don’t see on the road anymore.

1. Pontiac 6000

The 6000 was available as two and four-door sedan and wagon, built on the front-wheel-drive platform and with new four and six-cylinder engines. Interestingly, Pontiac even offered a diesel unit in the 6000. Introduced in 1981 as a 1982 model, the 6000 received a warm welcome from the motoring press as well as the market. In 1984, Pontiac even offered a 6000 STE version which was more sporty and dynamic than the regular model.
With a 2.8-liter V6 engine which developed 135 hp, the 6000 STE didn`t provide much of performance by today`s standards but in 1984 it was a relatively hot model. The 6000 soldered until 1991 when it was discontinued and today it is forgotten by all, except maybe the fans of obscure models.