Cars Of the Animal Kingdom – Best-Known Vehicles Named After Wild Animals

By vukasin

Ever since the auto industry become one of the main industrial factors in Western society, marketing started playing a big role in selling new cars. Manufacturers started giving their cars more aggressive names, instead of simple model designations with letters or numbers. Very soon, car brands started naming their products after powerful and well-respected animals insinuating that their cars have the same characteristics.

The trend was very popular in America and today we will cover the best-known models named after wild animals. Of course, we didn’t forget some of the European models with similar names and we throw those in for good measure. So, let`s go.

1. Plymouth Barracuda

Introduced just two weeks before the Mustang, in April of 1964, the Barracuda was the first Pony car ever made. It was based on standard Valiant platform and since the automotive world was anticipating the Mustang due to reports coming from Ford, Chrysler decided to introduce a car in the same segment.

The Barracuda had pretty modest underpinnings with three engines available, two straight sixes and one V8, so designers had to come up with an interesting design to attract the buyers. So, the 1964 Barracuda had a big panoramic rear glass and sleek fastback body line which was pretty advanced for the period. The best Barracudas were 1970/71 models which could be ordered with mighty Hemi.