Cars and Guitars: Rock Stars with Impeccable Taste for Cool Machines

By vukasin
Cars and Guitars: Rock Stars with Impeccable Taste for Cool Machines

At least one time in your life, you may have imagined what it is like to live as a rock star. Think about all the fame, money, sold out shows all over the world, groupies, hanging out with celebrities and crazy parties. It looks like rock stars have a blast living in the fast lane. Of course, since rock stars are public personalities, they have to keep their appearance and look cool all the time. Yes, there are stylists and hairdressers, but one of the most important accessories for famous rock stars worldwide are cool cars.

From the beginning of popular music, cars and rock have shared a connection. Cars are the inspiration for making music, but they are also one of the best signs you finally made it. What says success better than a cool set of wheels or a brutally fast exotic supercar? Sometimes, expensive cars say more about the musician than a hit record or sold-out shows. Even today, in the constantly changing music industry, cars are always a great addition to the image of any musician.

The amazing cars of those famous rock stars get a lot of attention from the fans, as well as from car enthusiasts all over the world. This eclectic list will show you some of the most interesting rock stars and their rides. You may be surprised to learn that most of the musicians on this list are serious collectors. Sometimes, their love of fast, cool cars lasts longer than their professional careers.

  1. Elton John

Known for his flamboyant on-stage persona and an enormous collection of wild sunglasses, Sir Elton is also a serious car collector. As expected, Elton John collects the most expensive rides. He also has a taste for some of the best British cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Aston Martin, as well some Italian exotics like Ferrari. As a guy who grew up in the swingin’ 60’s, Elton can’t forget his first automotive love – the gorgeous Jaguar E Type.

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