The Best of Both Worlds: 20 Restomod Classics With Modern Heart

By Vukasin Herbez
The Best of Both Worlds: 20 Restomod Classics With Modern Heart

As most people know, classic cars are hot right now. Those iconic models have become expensive investments, not just weekend toys. But there is a side of classic car ownership auto dealers will not tell you about. Classic cars are old pieces of machinery that are prone to breaking and leaking oil. They are also sometimes slow and inefficient compared to those modern machines.

Often the comfort and ride quality are questionable. As for safety, the braking and steering are far worse than the less expensive economy cars of today. All that may add to the charm and analogue driving feel, but for some owners, it is a deal breaker. So, what should classic car lovers do? Should they abandon the idea of owning a classic car or make their beloved classic more dependable, faster and better to for daily driving?

If you chose the latter option, the Restomod class is the perfect thing for you. Restomod stands for “restoration and modification.” These are classic cars brought back to perfection with modern engines, transmissions, suspension parts and luxury creature comforts. During that process, they have removed all their flaws. What is left is a thoroughly modern machine that performs much better, but still retains its charming classic style and looks.

The purists are outraged, but in recent years many Restomod companies have emerged. They present astonishing cars that shed a new light on those classic icons of the industry. Here is a fascinating showcase 15 of the most interesting Restomods on the market. Some of these cars look almost identical to their analog cousins. But some are completely new creations, which just shows that Restomods are one of the most interesting custom car classes today.

  1. ICON Ford Bronco

One of the most popular Restomod companies is California-based ICON4x4. The company has risen to fame by building classic Jeeps and Land Cruisers with modern engines, trick suspension kits, matte paint and all kinds of neat features. However, one of their most successful products is the ICON BR – short for Bronco. As you guessed it, the basis for this custom project is an old, first-generation Ford Bronco. It was a popular classic SUV from the late 60’s.

Due to its compact dimensions, all-wheel drive and powerful engines, the Bronco was a common choice back in the day. But ICON wanted to enhance every aspect and introduce the classic shape to 21st century standards. So, owner Jonathan Ward teamed up with designer Camilo Prado to present the ultimate Bronco. They equipped it with the new Ford Coyote 5.0-liter V8, a fully-adjustable suspension kit and a five-speed manual transmission. It also got ABS brakes and numerous other mechanical and visual modifications.

The basic design stayed the same, so the ICON BR still looks like a classic Ford Bronco, but drives like a supercar. ICON will happily build a Bronco with your name on it according to your own specifications but have in mind the waiting list is over a year-long and prices start just shy of $200,000.

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