Best Cars For Ultimate Road-Trip This Summer

By vukasin

The summer is finally here and what is a better way to start a vacation than with good old road trip. Road trips were one of original America`s pastimes before we got hooked up on the internet and started refusing to move anywhere without a proper Wi-Fi connection. In days before GPS navigation, in-car infotainment systems, and interstate highways, road tripping was the favorite way of exploring vast spaces of this magnificent country.

There is no perfect road trip car and the perfect one is the car which makes you happy, doesn’t break down and provides you with the constant pleasure of driving. Sometimes, the perfect road trip car isn’t fast or comfortable but it is interesting and makes the whole experience memorable. Today, we will suggest you 20 most interesting road trip cars and tell you to go out and drive, listen to music and enjoy your vacation.

1. Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser 442

Going on a road trip through rural America in a muscle car is such a cliché, but it is something you should do at least once in your life. Any muscle car will do but we feel we should present to you the combination of two opposite sides of the automobile spectrum. On one side we have a muscle car and on the other a family station wagon.

You are probably thinking how could a family station wagon be a muscle car? Well, it can. The 1970 Vista Cruiser could be ordered with a 455 V8 monster of an engine, basically the same powerplant from the famed Oldsmobile 442 muscle car. This transformed an otherwise ordinary `70s American suburban wagon into a fire breathing muscle car disguised as practical family transport.