Best Affordable Cars To Reach 150 MPH You Can Buy Today

By vukasin

Even though the 200 mph top speed is relatively common among today`s performance cars, most of those machines are still above the reach of average speed enthusiast. Until 200 mph cars are available for reasonable cash, let’s look at most affordable 150 mph cars. The 150 mph is still plenty fast and chasing that speed will get you in serious trouble with the law if you plan to do it on public roads. Also, any of our budget 150 mph cars can be a good basis for modification if you want to go even faster. So, let’s see how to get to the magic figure of 150 mph on a budget.

1. BMW 750il

As you can expect, most of the cars on our list are sports/muscle cars but we will start with a true luxury cruiser – 750il produced from 1995 till 2001. Under the hood of this glorious German sedan is 5.4-liter V12 engine with 322 HP. Despite the fact that 750il is equipped with every conceivable luxury item, its price on the used car market is quite low. This means that you can travel at 155 mph (electronically limited) in ultimate luxury for the price of the cheapest new economy car.