Automotive Firsts – 25 Inventions That Changed The Car Industry Forever

By vukasin

Ever since the first car rolled off the assembly line, if the hand manufacture could be called that, innovation was the name of the game in the car industry. For over 100 years, car companies invested enormous sums of money into finding out new solutions, new technologies, materials, patents, and components. That is why we have today self-driving vehicles, infotainment systems and active safety which can break or sense the trouble ahead even before we are aware of it.

However, the path of innovation wasn’t easy and putting new patents into production often proved difficult and not well received by the customers. Some patents never lived beyond one generation and some become regular production items for all companies afterward. That is why we have compiles a list of 25 firsts from the car industry in unique view at automobile history and technological progress. Some of those items are standards in today`s cars but you will be amazed when you see who and when invented them.

1. Airbags – General Motors

The idea of inflatable plastic bags which will protect passengers on the front seats in case of collision isn’t new. The concept was invented in the `50s but nobody managed to successfully design airbags that work until General Motors in early `70s. Called “Air Cushion Restraint System” it was the option of luxury, full-size Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Buicks in 1973. Later it became known as the airbag system and today it is an obligatory piece of equipment.