All You Need to Know About the Legendary Chevrolet Corvette

By vukasin

Although the Chevrolet Corvette is not the only sports car they produced in America, it is by far the most popular, iconic and successful. Chevy presented it in 1953, designing the Corvette to battle those European sports car companies like Jaguar and Ferrari. And they did just that for the next 66 years.

Contrary to other sports cars on the market, the Corvette was always an obtainable model in terms of price. So, it was much more interesting to regular car lovers who could afford it at some point. The models from Porsche and Ferrari were always too expensive for the average car enthusiast. But the Corvette was within reach, which made it even more desirable.

So, today, you will learn 20 interesting and important facts from the history of the Corvette. Even in today’s highly sophisticated world of sports cars, Corvettes are relevant, respected machines. Especially with the introduction of the revolutionary mid-engined C8 generation just around the corner. And that is why this list can help you understand this automotive icon.

  1. The First Corvette

Chevrolet made big news in 1953 with the introduction of a proper sports car they named the Corvette. It was the polar opposite of what Chevy produced back in the day. They made the car out of fiberglass. Also, it was a two-seater with a low silhouette, sporty performance, and high price. They only made 300 in 1953 that all were white with a red interior.