90 Years Of Elegance – Most Stunning Cars Designed By Pininfarina

By vukasin

The famous Italian design house Pininfarina was established almost 90 years ago in 1930 on the outskirts of Turin, the capital of the Italian car industry. The founder, Batista “Pinin” Farina was talented bodywork specialist with an eye for the fine art of car design. From the very beginning, this small body and coach-built shop managed to gain respect and recognition among dozens of other similar outfits for its unique approach, design, and attention to the details.

Over the years, Pininfarina grew considerably and from small shop became a big facility for developing prototypes, fabricating concepts and even full-scale assembly of its own designs for different manufacturers. Historically connected with Ferrari and various other European brands, Pininfarina even did several notable cars for American brands, as well. Today, we will tell you about best-known and most memorable Pininfarina cars that left an everlasting mark on the car industry.

1. Cadillac Allante

The Allante was envisioned as a competitor of the Mercedes SL convertible and it was a two-seater luxury convertible with Italian styling by Pininfarina, Northstar V8 engine and front-wheel drive. Quite an unusual combination but the car looked and performed very well.

Even the production process was specific and actual fabrication was done in Italy in the Pininfarina factory and then the cars were shipped to the US by a jet which affected the cost of the final product. The Allante stayed in production until 1993 and just over 21,000 were made. The car proved too expensive to produce and the factory allegedly lost money on every example they made.