35 Most Revolutionary and Influential American Production Cars People Tend to Forget

By vukasin

For the most part of the automobile age, the American car industry has led in power, performance and style. During the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and early ’70s, American cars were the best machines Detroit ever produced. In that period, the U.S. car industry advanced in power output and technology. They introduced many revolutionary cars that influenced the global industry.

This list concentrates on the most revolutionary American cars. Although they designed common models for mass production, U.S. car manufacturers also offered advanced models different than anything else on the market. These are the cars that started trends, influenced competitors and left marks in the automotive history. They also became landmark products that changed their vehicle segment.

Some of these cars include a high level of technical and mechanical features which differentiated them from the rest. While some are just lucky combinations of design, equipment and marketing. This resulted in legendary popularity and influential positions on the market. These cars defined their class and introduced something new and advanced.

So they are important for car history. Keep reading to see these cars from the past that shaped the industry as you know it today.

  1. Ford Model T

There are not enough words to describe the importance of Ford Model T to automotive history.  In fact, this was the car that singlehandedly created the car world in 1908. The Model T was the first mass-produced automobile. And Ford produced over 15 million of them until 1927. It was also the car that motorized the world, laying the foundation for the modern car industry.

Some Ford assembly plants even spread to foreign countries and other continents. Also, the Ford Model T was the first car they produced in numerous versions. Ford also designed it to transform into a truck, agricultural machine or even a military vehicle. It launched the Ford Motor Company, which became the biggest car manufacturer in the world at one point.

The Model T spawned numerous models that copied the concept. Although the Model T wasn’t revolutionary in design or technology, it was a utilitarian machine. With a combination of durability, affordability and usability, the Model T changed the world. When they introduced the Model T in 1908, people were still using horse drawn carriages. But by the time Ford discontinued it in 1927, the automobile age had begun.