1. Panther 6

Most people consider this strange car a supercar. That’s due to its power, price and unusual technical solutions like having six wheels instead of four. The Panther 6 is roadster-powered by a monstrous 8.2-liter V8 engine they sourced from the Cadillac Eldorado. They positioned the enormous engine behind the cabin to power the rear wheels while the four wheels in the front managed the steering.

To achieve a proper ride height and save space in the front where they have a double suspension, the designers installed smaller wheels instead of the much bigger ones on the back. The wanted the Panther 6 to be an over the top luxury supercar convertible, so it has a leather interior and climate control.

Also, it comes with power windows and doors, and even a TV and phone. The designers claim the Panther 6 cam reach 200 mph top speeds. However, the automobile experts were always suspicious of that since Panther never allowed any independent testing. And, they only built two cars of them.