Kia Telluride
via: Kia

38: Kia Telluride

If there’s one thing that you can commend Kia on it’s the fact that the brand keeps trying. The Telluride is a vast departure from the Borrego released almost a decade ago. Kia has always wanted to target the full-size SUV market, but the consumer taste for a Kia branded product was never financially rewarding. While the Telluride does offer a high-class ride with a vast improvement over other models on the market, the overall vehicle isn’t a complete improvement.

via: Kia

The Telluride isn’t going to be an off-road king like a Jeep for instance, and the platform isn’t very tested at modifications. Where the Telluride strikes a cord is with families who need something that can handle the off-road challenges. There are a lot of features that make the Telluride worth considering, but for a well-rounded SUV, the model is still very new and has yet to show it deserves its true cost of ownership.

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