30 Most Iconic And Recognizable Station Wagons Ever Made

By vukasin

Do you remember station wagons? Long-roofs which once were a symbol of suburban America and favorite family transport. That was before SUVs and crossovers took over and killed station wagon class. However, station wagons maybe wounded but they are not dead yet and today we will shed a light on this interesting car class.

The first station wagons appeared in the `50s as practical versions of regular sedans. They had more room, bigger trunks and was clearly designed for family use. Over the years, station wagons become lifestyle vehicle, shooting brake coupes and even performance cars. So, here are the 30 most interesting.

1. Pontiac Bonneville Safari

One of the coolest American station wagons is definitely the late 1950s Pontiac Bonneville Safari. Interestingly, Pontiac always named its long roof models “Safari” and made them pretty special compared to similar GM products.
One of the things that made the 1959 Bonneville Safari very desirable is the 389 V8 with 300 HP which transformed this family cruiser into a proper station wagon muscle car.