BMW 530 MLE E12

  1. BMW 530 MLE E12

Did you know they produced the first BMW < car in South Africa four years before any M cars appeared in Germany? It’s true. In 1976, BMW South Africa introduced a special model they named the 530 MLE, short for Motorsport Limited Edition. It featured numerous performance upgrades over the standard 5 Series 530 model.

However, the biggest change was the almost fully race-prepped six-cylinder engine. It had 3.0-liters, performance intake, the engine head, and beefed-up internals. The result was a fantastic 274 HP. That made this four-door sedan one of the fastest, most powerful passenger cars in the world at the moment.

They set the initial production at just 100 examples for homologation purposes. But their customers were so interested in this model that BMW South Africa decided to produce 101 more in 1977. The final production number was 201. They built them all in RHD specification.