25 Cars That Look Very Fast But are Painfully Slow

By vukasin

We all know how true sports car should look like, right? Long hood, low roofline, spoiler in the back, big wheels and lots of scoops and sharp edges to emphasize power and speed. Yes, this is exactly the ABC of sports car design and when you see something like this you immediately expect it to be super fast. In most cases you are right but there are some very interesting exceptions to this rule.

Sometimes, car manufacturers present cars that look fast, sounds fast and are marketed as sports cars but unfortunately they fail to deliver performance and excitement. Initially, customers are drawn to those models expecting to find thrilling speed and driving dynamics but instead they found disappointment and just mild performance. Today, we will tell you about 20 such vehicles, some of which you might know already and some of which you should avoid. So, let`s go.

  1. Toyota GT86

The GT 86 and its twin brother Subaru BRZ was introduced in 2012 and immediately drew attention from performance car guys for their raw driving dynamics, low weight, and uncompromised handling. The GT 86/BRZ technical layout is pretty basic with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine which sends power to the rear wheels over close ratio 6-speed manual gearbox.

With 200 horsepower on tap, the GT 86 doesn’t sound as powerful as some of the competitors and it isn’t. With 0 to 60 mph time of just under 8 seconds it not very fast and enthusiasts are kind of disappointed which translates in slow sales.