1. AMC Javelin AMX

Today’s law enforcement agencies use various vehicles in their patrol and apprehend duties. But back in the days of the original muscle cars, police cruisers were big and slow sedans. While Detroit was busy producing fast cars capable of achieving high speeds and outrunning the police, the cops still used large, heavy four-door cars.

But, in 1971, the Alabama state troopers saw the need for fast and capable patrol cars they could use to chase suspects. The cars also needed to come with regular police components and have enough space for two officers and their gear. After a short search, they decided to purchase the AMC Javelin AMX with the 401 V8 engine that delivered 335 HP.

The state troopers in Alabama chose this car since it was one of the most affordable available. They ended up buying 133 examples that served during the ‘70s. This was the first time that an official police force used a true muscle car. And as many retired officers will testify, the Javelins proved to be the best choice as the veterans of many highway chases.