2. Pontiac Catalina 421 “Swiss Cheese”

In the early 1960s, Pontiac realized that racing helps sell cars and that famous Detroit`s mantra “Win on Sunday-Sell on Monday” really works. In that period, Pontiac was big in NASCAR but its drag racing reputation in NHRA championship was slim. Pontiac had a good basis for a fast Super Stock car in the form of a two-door Catalina and it had a potent 421 V8 engine, but it needed more. It needed to add power and subtract weight.

In order to do the latter, Pontiac`s engineers manufactured numerous aluminum parts like bumpers, fenders, hood and so on, saving 159 pounds from the heavy car. Moreover, the car was soon nicknamed “Swiss Cheese” since they also drilled holes in the car`s frame in order to save a few grams more. With high compression 421 V8 engine and 410 HP, these Catalinas were lightning quick.