20 Greatest Performance Machines And Driver`s Cars You Can Own

By vukasin

Even if you are not a keen automotive enthusiast you have probably heard the term “driver`s car”. For those who don’t know, a driver`s car is particularly composed, well-engineered, designed and executed automobile which delivers the highest amount of driving pleasure, dynamics and feel possible. This is a kind of car that every gearhead lusts after not for the exclusivity or brute power, but for unique driving feel and excitement.

The driver`s cars are not always high-prized exotics which are unobtainable to the average enthusiast. Sometimes, driver`s cars are quite affordable cars which can be purchased for a reasonable amount. That is why we have compiled a list of 20 best driver`s cars ever built and we wish you to own or drive any one of them at least once in your lifetime.

1. Lancia Stratos

This little two-seater is one of the most recognizable wedge-shaped cars ever built and one of the wildest homologation specials. In the mid-’70s, Lancia wanted to go rally racing, and they made their first purpose-built rally car in the form of Lancia Stratos.

However, they had the design, but not the engine, so the company borrowed a compact V6 from Ferrari. Lancia powered by Ferrari created a legend and became world champion in 1977. With its design, special driving feel, exclusivity, and racing success, Stratos combined several important factors to be recognized as the perfect driver`s car.