20 Forgotten Classic Pickup Trucks That Made America

By vukasin

The American car industry adopted the pickup truck concept, developing it far beyond the limits of its class. And soon, the pickup truck became an icon of the American automotive landscape. Pickup trucks have been true workhorses for generations of farmers, handymen, independent business owners and many other hard-working people.

At first, pickup trucks were just tools, but then car manufacturers started developing them into something more. They gave their trucks more luxuries, as well as more powerful engines. They came with better technology and a long list of options. Over time, the pickup truck was not just a necessity for working men but a lifestyle vehicle. And some even became performance trucks with significant power under their hoods.

Their popularity exploded, making pickups the top-selling vehicles in America. In fact, they still are since the Ford F-150 has been the bestselling domestic vehicle for decades now. However, most modern truck enthusiasts recognize the most common trucks from Chevrolet, Ram and Ford, but there are many more interesting models that built America. So, keep reading to learn much more about the top 20 classic forgotten pickup trucks that made America.

  1. Ford Model T Roundabout with Pickup Body

Everybody knows about the Model T. It singlehandedly changed the auto industry and introduced new car production methods. Most of all, the Model T establish the Ford Motor Company as the industry leader, and for years to come. With over 15 million Model Ts, it was the record holder for almost 50 years until the VW Beetle came along.

The Model T was an iconic model and a car that put America and the world on wheels. In fact, it launched the era of motorization. So, it is only natural that the Model T had a big influence on the pickup class. As soon they introduced it, independent body shops started chopping regular models and turning them into trucks. But it took Ford several years to understand they should add a pickup version to their lineup.

So, they eventually introduced the first factory pickup in 1925. Ford called it the Model T Roundabout with Pick Up Body, and it was just one of 15 body styles Ford offered for the Model T. However, it was one of the most important ones, too. Their sales proved the pickup was in demand. Even though it lacked a large towing capacity or payload, it was a practical and dependable vehicle.

Even after they discontinued the Model T in 1927, the pickup version stayed in production for a little longer, influencing many other brands to present similar vehicles. Today, Ford is the biggest pickup manufacturer in the world, and it is all thanks to this small truck with a 20 HP engine and big ambitions.