20 Coolest And Most Memorable Movie Mustangs That Everybody Knows

By vukasin

Cars and movies go hand in hand ever since the first motion picture graced the silver screen. Over the decades, movies featured numerous car chases and stunts but one car stands out as probably the most popular movie machine – the Ford Mustang. Since the Mustang`s 1964 introduction, this model was featured not in hundreds but in thousands (if not more) movies and TV series. Not just American-produced films but a lot of foreign flicks as well. It is safe to say that Mustang is probably the ultimate movie car since there is no movie made in the last half of the century without at least one pony car found in the background.

However, today we will tell you about 20 coolest and most memorable movie Mustangs. Cars that was important as a starring role or name of the actor. Cars that may not be driven by the main character but still made an everlasting impression so that they are recognizable years after. Simply, the legendary Mustangs which made the movie history. So, let`s go.

1. Goldfinger

The legendary British secret agent James Bond encountered with Ford Mustangs several times in his career. The first time that 007 saw the Ford Mustang was in movie Goldfinger when his Aston Martin DB5 raced 1964 Mustang convertible in Swiss mountains. The chase scene proved to be very popular and the movie world was introduced to the magic of the Mustang.