1. AMC AMX/3

Everybody knows about the heroic Javelin and two-seater AMX muscle cars the American Motors Corporation (AMC) they introduced in 1968. In those days, AMC offered inexpensive models lacking any special features or thrills. But when a pair of hot muscle cars hit the streets in the late ‘60s, everybody paid attention. And better yet, the AMC executives noticed a significant bump in their sales.

Encouraged by the success of the Javelin and the AMX, AMC wanted to attack the sports car market. They had the funds to do so, but they didn’t have a starting point. So, AMC hired renewed sports car creator and ex-Ferrari engineer, Giotto Bizzarrini. They asked him to build them a modern sports car with a rear engine and transaxle, and a sleek body.

Bizzarrini did that since the AMX/3 prototype was capable of 170 mph. Also, it came with world-class handling and sexy Italian styling. The power came from an AMC 390 V8 engine with 340 HP. Despite the promising start, AMC realized the finished product would cost somewhere around $12,000.

And unfortunately, that was significantly more than the similarly designed De Tomaso Pantera and almost double the price of the Corvette. Understandably, they decided to kill the fantastic AMX/3 after building just six preproduction cars in 1970.