1. Plymouth GTX

The Grand Turismo Exterminator or GTX isn’t exactly a long lost or forgotten model. But, it never got the attention it deserved in muscle car history. Plymouth based this model on the same platform as the Coronet or Roadrunner. However, it was much more luxurious, with a 375-HP engine as standard.

The GTX was a gentleman’s hot rod with all the creature comforts. It had a nice interior and exterior details. However, it had only one optional engine choice, which was the mighty 426 Hemi. The GTX was significantly more expensive than the rest of the Mopar muscle car line up, which means it was never popular and is rare today.

When the early 1970s came, most muscle cars lost their power and torque figures. So, Plymouth discontinued the GTX in 1971, keeping it from being a disgrace to its fire-breathing predecessors. And that is why the 1971 GTX was the last of its breed. And most car fans believe it is a fantastic muscle car that deserves recognition and respect.