20 Cars With the Longest Production Runs in the Car Industry

By vukasin

It seems like the modern car industry presents new models every couple of months. The number of new nameplates, designs and versions is overwhelming. Even the most experienced car enthusiasts have a tough time keeping up. Gone are the days when manufacturers had four models with well-known names, designs, and features.

The average life span of the car model is around six years. That means whenever a manufacturer introduces a new car, they are already planning their next one. However, the car industry is full of models that have been in production for an extremely long time. In fact, they’ve lasted way beyond anyone’s expectations. These are not the long living nameplates, because there are plenty of those.

These are the cars they produced for several decades, more or less leaving them unchanged. So here is a showcase of the 20 true marathon-running car models. These are the cars they sold for years and years. You may be surprised to find out just how old some of them are, so keep reading.

  1. Mercedes SL R107

They introduced the venerable Mercedes SL with chassis code R107 in 1971, selling it until 1989 when they replaced it with the famous R129 model. For 1971 standards, the R107 was an advanced model. But by the late ‘80s, it was already outdated, especially in interior trim and equipment. However, during its 18 years of production, it sold well and become a symbol of the high-class convertible segment.