20 Cars With Coolest Headlights Ever Produced

By vukasin

One of the obligatory features every car has is the headlights. People don’t often think about them and take them for granted but the truth is that headlight design came a long way from petroleum lamps in early cars to laser LED headlights of latest models. Over the years, the basic design of headlights changed along with the technology. From ordinary external headlamps over pop-up or hideaway units to elegant and aerodynamics headlights of today.

However, today we will talk about 20 most interesting and innovative headlight designs in the car industry. Not necessarily technically advanced but cool and memorable. So, let`s go.

1. Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Brera was never sold in the States and it represents one of the forbidden fruits of the European car scene. It is designed by Pininfarina, it has a great heritage and it comes with 3.2-liter V6 with intelligent all-wheel drive. And, as all Alfas, with questionable quality. However, it also features interesting and aggressive six headlights design which we find irresistible.