20 Cars That Get Drivers Noticed By Police

By Vukasin Herbez
20 Cars That Get Drivers Noticed By Police

Have you ever wondered what would be like to be a highway patrol officer? Do you imagine cruising around in your police car, browsing through heavy traffic and looking for speeding drivers and suspicious motorists? Well, even though it looks easy, it is far from it. Each day there are hundreds of millions of cars roaming the streets of America with thousands of police officers controlling the traffic.

So, what makes them pull over certain cars? Today, you will find out because here is a list of the top 20 cars that act like cop magnets and will probably get you pulled over. As you have probably already guessed, cops don’t like street racing cars, overly-customized vehicles or suspicious types of cars. So keep reading to learn about what you shouldn’t be driving if you want to pass a cop unnoticed.

  1. Donk Caprice

One of the recent trends in car culture is the Donk. Donk vehicles have enormous rims, often exceeding 30 inches in size and modified suspensions, as well as wild paint jobs and interiors. They based them on classic American cars from the ‘80s and ‘90s and represent the crazy imagination of their owners.

Due to their obnoxious appearance, Donk cars are cop magnets since most highway patrol officers want to check if the car is legal. That is because, in most cases, owners are infamous for going too far in terms of ride height and modifications.

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