20 Car Mods That Are Illegal Almost Everywhere In The USA

By vukasin

The car tuning market is old as the car industry itself and for decades now people always explored the ways of improving the exterior, interior and the performance of their cars. For years, legislators didn’t pay attention to this part of the automobile world since the modifications weren’t serious or didn’t affect the performance, safety or stability of the vehicles in a major way.

However, in the last few decades, the car tuning scene really exploded and tuners started introducing many products which thoroughly changed the driving dynamics and road holding. Some components were strictly aesthetic enhancements but some were expensive suspension, engine or chassis modifications. Due to the fact that most of those products can change manufacturer specifications, car`s stability, visibility and so on, legislators all over America changed traffic laws forbidding you of using such parts or components.

Practically, everything which will affect your cars visibility, lights, stability or emissions is now forbidden and you could face a big fine if you get caught. Of course, local laws may vary but almost all items on our list are forbidden in most of the USA. So, let`s go.

1. Light Bars

LED light bars are extremely handy if you use them while driving off-road or in dark areas without traffic, but it is illegal to have them on the highway unless they are covered and turned off. The light bars are known for having extremely bright and powerful light and having them on in regular traffic can blind the upcoming traffic and cause accidents. That is why it is recommended to have them covered when not in use so you don`t accidentally turn them on and earn yourself a ticket.