20 Best and Most Interesting V6-Powered Cars Ever Made

By vukasin

In the word of car engines, the V6 has a special place. More powerful than an inline four-cylinder, but not as desirable as a proper V8, the V6 was always the “middle child” of engine configurations. However, the V6 has numerous advantages over four and eight-cylinder motors, which made it common in all types of vehicles.

So, what are they? First, the V6 is a compact unit, so it can fit in the engine bay longitudinally, as well as transversally. This makes it a great choice for front-wheel drive cars. Second, the V6 can reach a high rpm, so it can be a powerful engine for sports cars. And for that reason, many car companies use V6 engines in everything from compact cars to luxury cruisers.

They’ve even put the V6 in many off-road vehicles and even supercars. However, although not as old as some other engine configurations, the V6 has its place in history. So, today you will learn lots more about the 20 best and most important V6-powered cars ever made.

  1. Lancia Aurelia

Entering the car market in 1950, the Aurelia was revolutionary, and not only for its design and performance. The Aurelia had a narrow-angle V6 engine, and it was the first mass-produced V6 engine in the world. Produced as sedan, coupe or convertible, the Aurelia was an exclusive and expensive machine.

And better yet, it had an engine displacement ranging from 1.8-liters to 2.5-liters. The compact and light V6 unit was powerful and propelled Aurelia to respectable top speeds. The later series were even successful racing cars. When Lancia presented the Aurelia, the other car companies decided the V6 engine was worth consideration. So, it is safe to say the Aurelia started the trend.