1. Chevrolet Nova

The Chevrolet Nova was the Bow Tie’s compact car they first introduced as the Chevy II in the early 60s. The small, affordable model was just a scaled-down Chevelle or Impala. But by the end of the 60s, it obtained some serious street credibility because it became the favorite street racer’s weapon. The combination of the Nova`s lightweight body and potent V8 engines made it fast.

Chevrolet introduced the SS 350 and SS 396 versions in 1968/69, which were extremely fast. Independent tuners like Yenko further expanded the performance portfolio with crazy 427 V8 conversions. Today all those models are extremely expensive. But thankfully, Chevrolet produced millions of Novas with standard 307, 327 or 350 V8 engines.

And they still deliver a nice performance, the characteristic V8 rumble and classic street muscle look. The Nova is a great proposition if you are looking to build a Yenko, SS replica or modify it to achieve a better performance. In fact, $20,000 or less will get you a great running V8 with standard equipment.

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