18 of the Most Desirable Classic Muscle Car Options Ever

By vukasin

The world of classic muscle cars isn’t colorful just because there were lots of different models and makes. It’s also because, in the ’60s and early ’70s, manufacturers offered a lot of special, unique options. In fact, those options, trim levels and equipment packages make all the difference today, commanding high prices. If your car has a highly-sought after factory option, you can sell it for double the price of the standard car.

They’ve designed almost all those factory options to make your standard muscle car go faster or look better. Special trim levels included more powerful engines, beefed up suspensions or wheel and brake combos. Sometimes, those options enhanced the car only cosmetically, but in an interesting way that collectors love and remember.

With their cool names, muscle car options have become legendary and recognizable codes and names throughout the car industry. So here are the 18 most interesting, desirable and well-known muscle car options that can transform your ordinary ’60s or ’70s coupe into a highly prized collector’s car.

  1. Ford Mustang GT 289 HiPo

The Mustang was a groundbreaking and extremely popular pony/muscle car when they first launched it. But, it wasn’t that fast. Also, its underpinnings and engine choices weren’t that sporty at first. The Shelby GT350 was the answer, but it was a screaming racing car for the street. So, for those who couldn’t live with a screaming 306 HP 289 V8 engine in the GT 350, Ford prepared an interesting engine they called the K-Code.

The K-Code was a 289 V8 but with a milder, more street-friendly tune to deliver 271 HP. And that was more than enough for the decent performance Mustang fans wanted. With the optional GT package that included a stiffer suspension, updated equipment and lots of exterior details, the 289 HiPo or High Power was the choice of real car fans.

Ford introduced the 289 HiPo in 1965 and offered it until 1967. In fact, the 289 HiPo was the first Mustang that ran as well as it looked. And that was especially true if you ordered it in the gorgeous Fastback body style.